The Pet Grocer retail brand, South Melbourne


The Pet Grocer – a new retail pet brand

In February 2013 the studio was given the opportunity to re imagine and rethink a new pet retailer.

Over three weeks a new communication story, image making, print, signing and digital collateral was put in place,

The Pet Grocer simply offers customers superior and healthy products for your pet to help aid their life span and well being. The communication story offers an alternative to communicating the world of pets. Instead of falling back upon the over used “cute pet” idea, we tell a story of pets that are as individual as their owners.

The communications are simple, yet full of life. Bold shades of black and white, graphic, raw, natural with hints of gold twisting the tradition of pet branding. Around distinctive images developed by Andrew Ashton, the studio developed the brand mark, print, packaging, web site, signing to store marketing phase – Everything a pet could need. The studio is working with the store as an apparel partner, exploring the new product lines for pet owners too.

The new look was rolled out over in early March 2013.

You can also visit our Tumblr site here to see us silk screening apparel items with Rory Langdon and Rebecca Lorraine.

Thanks again to Janine and Jason for your vision and ongoing support.

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