We wish you an extra-ordinary 2013

To our clients, friends, peers and supporters

As another year hurtles to the finishing line, we would like to take this opportunity look back a little and look forward.

We have spent our time this year making brands, creating game changing events, making digital content, garnering recognition and fostering emerging talent. We have traveled to Hong Kong, Adelaide, Noosa, Langwarrin and back again. We have worked with government heads, Dames, landscapers, social entrepreneurs to hardworking coffee roasters. Another year of changing, challenges and opportunity promises in 2013, and we are ready to make the very best of it.

Our end of year campaign invites us all to rise to the occasion and seek out the extra-ordinary with the visual help from one of humanity’s great thinkers, Issac Newton, along with 2012’s; maybe history’s, greatest discoveries – the Higgs boson, or Higgs particle, or the God particle, the elementary particle in the Standard Model of physics. The Higgs particle was unearthed on 4 July 2012 via the ATLAS and CMS teams at the Large Hadron Collider, in Europe.

Thanks for your support, we look forward to another extra-ordinary year with one and all.

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