Optix by Australian Paper

Optix paper is one of several key products manufactured by Australian Paper and distributed by paper merchants Spicers Paper and CPI Paper. Optix has over 30 different colours (a spectrum of colour) across a range of weights. It has been some time since the paper has been any significant promotion. The client wanted to the studio to put in place an outcome that in effect relaunches the range.In December 2009 we were charged to research, rethink and proposition Optix paper. The main theme we established is that – Optix of all the papers in the market place, is by its very nature a vibrant, exciting and visible stock, and it is these qualities we seek to celebrate.

The project saw the development of several technical printed, marketing and communication outcomes. The initial response was to identify printing techniques which performs well on the stock — strong line graphic and text. To enhance the effect of printing special and process colours on the paper it self. The quality of visibility was an idea that we presented across the whole promotion – in a new brand mark, a brand tag line, the printed pieces and to the ideas expressed in the pieces – A guide to the modern extrovert.

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