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Christmas is here and we made stuff for allJingle Doood – a Christmas tree for Super Fun Happy Tree’s online store

Super Fun trees are for people who want the Christmas tree without being a tree. Magnet it up in your living room, put your presents at the base and decorate at will.

Why this tree?

Growing up in the suburbs of Northern Sydney in the 1970s, the Christmas tree in the living room was more than a thing that wrapped gifts lived under. It’s lights, it’s shape, it’s smell, it’s volume made me feel (as a small boy), that a green giant was ever standing in our house, witnessing our excitement, sensing the end of year, encouraging a state of celebration.

30 years later, it felt right to create and celebrate this brief with a Christmas tree that was more a living thing, than decoration. Executed in my favourite medium – watery gouache, a wayward sable brush on nasty paper, no less.

Enjoy the holidays, and think of those wonderful living trees dumped on the curb side, when the Holiday is over.

Cheers to Marco, Luke and Luke for inviting the studio to make a Christmas tree – a super fun and happy process

This commission by Super Fun Happy Tree prompted a life size poster developed to replace the Christmas Tree, and a flat Christmas tree to inspire four greeting cards

Cards, Gift tag, Prints facts…

— 4 designs
— Artful ideas, great print
— Each range is seasonal and unique
— Made in Melbourne to order
— Toothy paper and envelope
— Minimum online order 6
— Minimum wholesale order 25
— Wholesale enqueries welcome email us

— Cards retails from $6 at selected retailers stores, 0nline $5 (plus shipping)
– Tags x 6 retails from $12 at selected retailers stores, 0nline $10 (plus shipping)
— Signed Prints A4+ $50 / A3+ $75 (plus shipping)

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