South Melbourne Physio – brand & signing


South Melbourne Physio – a clinic revisits and
refreshes it’s brand

In March 2013 the studio was given the opportunity to re imagine and rethink an established physio.

Over six weeks a new communication story, practice naming, positioning statement, image making, print, signing and digital collateral was put in place.

South Melbourne Physio wanted tell the story of it’s professional physio, and pilates offering

The story is centred around the idea of a proactive and positive message – keep moving. Keep moving is in essence what is required to get back to, maintain and plan good health. A bold brand mark was developed, layer graphic inspired by street art represented the three key factors of good health – mind, body and lifestyle.

Around distinctive images developed by Andrew Ashton, the studio developed the brand mark, print, web site refit, signing to clinic brand positioning.

The new look was rolled out over in early May 2013.

You can also visit our Tumblr site here to see the signing going up

Thanks again to Andrew and Michelle for your vision and ongoing support.

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brand mark
communication campaign
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