Servery and Spoon rebrand


Spoon and Servery evolves with a rebrandThe sexy small end of town continues to lead the way, over cost focused corporates, demonstrating that it pays to review, rethink and find opportunity.

In February 2012 Spoon and Servery approached the studio to assist with building awareness and opportunity for an established food store and café.

Over four months a new communication story, image making, print, signing, promotional and digital collateral was put in place. Like many food and beverage businesses the emphasis was making the most of every communication and put in place work that can be executed in house.

The communication story put emphasis upon people, objects and the notion of pairs, i.e. John and Yoko, Oranges and Lemons. The word ‘AND’ becomes a key graphic element which has the potential to link a range of graphic elements. We also wanted to be clear about the offerings, and the work we made strives to be clear, spirited and elegant.

The communication programme is being rolled out via a planned programme, and along the way some fine examples of communication design are popping up. The Take-a-way arrow, the eclectic menu system, chunky frosted window lettering and uncomplicated black and white printing are stand out projects.

Materials are cost effective allowing us to regularly evolve the pairs and image making as boredom thresh holds dictate.

Thanks to Elaine and Pana for your vision and ongoing support.

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Thanks to Armelle Habib for the photography

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