Rainbow for Terrible Twos



Merren Spink and Work Art Life
by Studio Pip and Co.

An emerging and no so emerging designer bring together, a girl, a guy, Lauren Berkowitz, readily found and often disposed colour, a distinctive shape, way too many hours, angst and no type to describe something that is a perfect sign on a rainy / sunny day.

Any funds raised go to Beyond Blue, or the piece goes to Merren

desktop magazine and The Design Kids present Terrible Twos! Twenty of Melbourne’s best studios have been paired up with an emerging designer to each create an artwork, which will be silent auctioned and proceeds donated to a charity of the studios choice.

How it works
Each participating studio in Melbourne has been paired up with an emerging designer and each been given an A1 piece of wood, cut diagonally into two pieces. Each studio has chosen a compound word (two words that when separated mean one thing and when put together mean something else e.g. rainbow, endless) and has visually responded to one part of the word on their piece of wood, while the emerging designer has responded to the second part of the word on their piece of wood.

Cheers to The Design Kids and Desktop for their support and vision for this initiative.

Cheers to Mereen Spink for her effort and patience

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