Pearl Resturant ipad menu


Pearl’s iPad wine listing and menu
Digital intranet project
Duration 8 weeks from briefing

As new technology shifts and shapes the way in which people interact with the world, tools, products and points of reference are being challenged, evolved and transformed.

On the eve of the launch of the Apple Ipad Pearl Restaurant approached the studio to explore and put their wine list on the iPad. A modest start up budget was worked out, as experience has proved that new technology projects can be redundant with a change of new technology.

Site maps, content guide, software choice, concept and design, digital development and testing was managed by the studio over a very busy six weeks. The menu utilises content management software, which all allows staff to edit and update with daily special and list changes at anytime. The software works exclusively from the restaurant’s server and is transmitted to several iPad via wireless. The new menu will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

As in the world of books this project brings with it the beginnings of a new direction for the menu format.