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Creative thinking and design makes ideas and dreams be, it tells a story, it influences, it discovers, it’s culture, it’s behind every great opportunity

We get the big ideas occupying our clients – such as climate, finance, technology, new and shifting markets… and rather than adding to the noise of modern life, we make little ideas big, and big ideas even better.


Work Art Life is a creative brand and communication practice dedicated to producing imaginative, innovative and engaged work.

We embrace market intelligence, tactical approaches and creativity. We are committed to balanced, trusted, appealing, desirable, intelligent, resourceful and savvy service.

Our brand and communication output is free of creative jargon, typeface madness, style noise, colourful creative missions and me too social media. We specialize in talking straight, being driven by great work, working smarter, enjoying the experience and welcoming all ideas.

We work with the best thinkers, strategists, marketers, entrepreneurs and community leaders to develop work that stands out, relevant, and successful.

As in cooking, our approach brings together diverse ingredients and the making determines the outcome – the client, the idea / product / action, the market, the research, the environment, the community, the studio abilities, the media channels…. are combined, unique and meaningful outcomes prevail.

We inspire our clients with the potential of their brands, websites, motion graphics to short films, packaging, signing to community initiatives, promotional campaigns, naming to product development.

We help transform people in customers, markets into opportunity, and culture from unique ideas and process.

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Work Art Life was founded by Andrew Ashton in 1993. Ashton is a leading thoughtful and tactical communicator – one of six Australian members of Alliance Graphique Internationale, lectures at Monash University and initiator of Australia’s first design inspired public market, while working with clients such as Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Computershare, Jardan Furniture, Chamber Music Australia to Australian Paper.

Over twenty years, Ashton has collaborated with a diversity of clients to create awareness, success, wealth and legacy.

Ashton is driven by the idea of creating a whole studio – a studio which makes great work, money, educates, reflects and is active in the community.

All enquiries are answered, all new opportunities are welcomed, tell us about your project