the crew

Our people and their experiences makes our work special, we use a range of technologies and skills to execute aspects of this work.Or,

we are hands on, experienced and intelligent communicators, who strive to bring out the very best in all collaborations. Our efforts reflects fruitful professional partnerships, associations, friendships and work.

Creative director and founder
Andrew Ashton

Andrew Ashton is a leading and highly experienced communication and creative specialist, writer and artist, based in Melbourne, Australia. Ashton is renowned for thinking big and delivering intelligent, unique and crafted solutions.

– – –

Andrew is an inspiration in getting cut through communication to allow you to build and market your business. He has a cutting edge approach which provides for dynamic, powerful and visually exciting design and interactive solutions. He comes up with the most brilliant ideas that create true emotional engagement, and sometime they can be as simple as stamps through to billboards. He is a pleasure to work with and if you get a chance to you will not be disappointed!

Rita Arrigo / Principal Consultant – Collaboration, Experienced Digital Marketer, Focused on Cloud, Social and Business Intelligence / OAKTON

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Ashton trained as a traditional designer and offers over twenty years of communication and creative practice. Ashton has with a diversity of clients – corporates, government leaders, philanthropists, thought leaders, marketers, artists, educators and entrepreneurs, bringing together outcomes in brand development, communication tactics, conceptual thinking, writing, art direction, image making, and craftsmanship.

Products, online journals, created brands, print campaign, DIY design, speech writing, editorial tactics, parenthood, pop-up concepts, presentation ideas, opinion pieces, public projects, long walks, overprinting, stone walls, digital spaces, process driven brands, social media actions, personal reinvention – are some of Ashton’s recent creative projects.

Ashton lectures at the Art & Design Faculty of Monash University, Chaired and reinvented the 2012 AGDA National Awards in Melbourne, Ashton co founded Melbourne’s Nite Art project launching July 2013.

Ashton’s family is littered with balding men, and everyday he celebrates 40 something years of a healthy head of hair.

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Studio mentor

Toward Hansen advises, counsels and edits the studio on a regular basis. Born in Taipei in 1961, Toward is based in Tokyo and Dubia. After a secondment in India during the 1980s, Toward returned to Taipei and dedicated a decade to helping businesses large and small in applying perspective to all aspects of the studio work.

Since May 2005 Toward has worked with the studio to deconstruct media and communication trends and what they mean to clients. Toward’s style is to constantly assess and critique. This process reveals the true nature of the studio offers, ideas, processes and products, to ensure that the client develops and continues a collaborative rapport with the studio. Toward has assisted to transform the studio’s website, work and communication practices. The Work Art Life concept – advising the studio to create an accessible design and innovation entity with the broader public, is one of Toward’s ongoing projects.

Studio intern programme

We are always on the look out for studio interns seeking four to six week assignments at the studio. A modest allowance will be provided to the successful applicants as well as plenty of hands-on experience at our studio. Please email your C.V. to: ideas ( at ) workartlife ( dot ) com

Studio alumni

We have worked and collaborated with an amazing people along the way including: Marco Gjergja, Shelley Bennett, Sarah Furzer, Sarah Pickering, Mary Ellen Hill, John Calabro and Tim Mung. We also want to shout out to all our long suffering interns and design grads too.


We are truly grateful for being able, or to be present to write this. Amid all the amazing things that we have done, made and shared, we have been truly rocked by the passing of David Band in March 2011. David was an artist, designer, the guy we shared our studio with, and life loving Scottish bloke. It’s been several months since that bright day in March, however our memories are clear. Our thoughts are with David, Fiona and young Alfie, all ways.