Melbourne Fringe Festival


The notion of D.I.Y. in contemporary culture shaped a presentation that explored a theme developed by philosopher Carl Jung — that everyone is a designer.

We presented a mash of ideas that touched on avatars, adult cutie toys, MacPaint, DIY design kits, pixels, default design tools, designing like a non-designer, big

dots, more toys, a comedy developed by British actor and comedian Steve Coogan, the colour cyan, a clunky futuristic event brand, a finely developed event typeface and the notion of beautiful ugly.

We wanted a festival image that a school kid, a wayward mum, or earnest businessman with a pair of scissors could produce.

We wanted to develop a curious and cute (by true definition) image that offered the public an enguaging alternative to the raft of polite graphic solutions that seem to dominate cultural and public events — a campaign that would bring a smile to Melburnians and its cultural endeavours.