Melbourne Fringe Festival


The Melbourne Fringe is one Australia’s most vibrant festival fostering emerging cultural talent. After the campaign the studio produced in 2007, the studio was invited back again in 2008 to participate in the communications programme executed in print, digital, advertising to apparel outcomes.

Design for events require flexible solutions that can be tailored for a range of shapes and sizes. We endeavoured to build into our outcomes a suite of flexible visual assets that allows the design to make the best of every application.

We believe that colour is one of the key elements employed in a campaign and after campaigns using of red, green, yellow, pink, blue it seemed orange was next. Orange and black are great colour combination to work with, however the shift in the orange‘s chroma, or brightness varies greatly from spot colour printing and 4 colour process printing – it is a colour that needs close attention.

The campaign in 2008 was developed around the idea of it being a project, or an event in its own right and we have extensively collaborated with Fringe. It is not your typical designer and client relationship — rather than setting briefs and doing work on computers, it is working out the opportunities and executing how to exploit them. A very nice way to do work.

The concept in 2008 explored the idea of alter ego. We explored the methods and means that people use to achieve their alter ego. We sort out the simplist of methods of acting out alter ego, something everybody could do – putting hands, or something as simple as a blank piece of card in front of one’s face, creates an interruption where a new form is allowed to take place. We projected onto the masks a set playful images of representing visual, physical, sound, written digital forms. The text boxes reference the technology tools that many of us use to shape the contemporary world.

An image with an image inside another image is often a typical and complex mode that people use to interact with the world around them..

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