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Our scrapbook site Neokoala captures our everyday inspiration. Our motion projects live on Vimeo, including our famous film What is graphic design? featuring Jacko. We have a greeting card range to peruse. To visit our web site archive go here.

We cofounded Nite Art, a project which connects artists, the city and audiences at night in winter, since 2012. Andrew conceived Australia’s first Design Market in 2004, and was the chair of the Australian Design Biennale in 2012. We regularly work and dream up work with artist Geoff Nees. Creative strategist Andrea Nixon, writer Andrew Pegler along with Monash and Swinburne where Andrew loves to sessional lecture need a plug too.

This site was made lovingly by Celine and Lee at The Mighty Wonton. Our intro clip was image buffed by Earl Carter photographer with amazen-balls soundtrack by J David Franzke.