Jardan – Saturday in Design 2010


Jardan Furniture has commissioned the studio to develop a concept and image for the 2010 Saturday in Design (SiD) event in Melbourne, held this weekend. The SiD is a two day programme and to get more value for the spend time, energy and resources Jardan sort out a pop up solution that is open for several months rather than two days.The Richmond pop up will be the back drop of a new range of furniture allowing the Jardan sales team and potential client view pieces in a convenient location.Like many of the solutions we develop for clients, the forms and fixtures has a light touch, allowing the work to have the greatest impact whilst being reusable, recyclable and engaging.

The building is facing demolition in a few months and we initially developing a temporary signing scheme that was to be directly painted on the building. The painter was five letter forms into a fifteen letter form piece, until a local sticky beak called the landlord – exclaiming that “young people are painting on the building”. Richmond has a rich history of graffiti dating back to the 1970s (with some excellent samples of trade union based pieces, now sadly painted over) and many locals are suspicious of paint based works. We were then limited to produce real estate agent style hoarding panels, which we had made of ply and vinyl lettering and to paint the entry doors pink to identify the site.

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