Georgie’s Harvest brand


A simple brand for one of life’s staples

While the big end of town sits on their hands and puts their brand building and marketing on ice, the studio has been busy finding opportunities and markets for the sexy end of town in small enterprise.

Career tree changers Georgie and Michael hung up their corporate threads for aprons, work wear, and quality Australian produce from the ground, based at one of Australia’s great markets – South Melbourne Market.

Design projects come from a unpredictable places, like the weekly family grocery shop. An innocent conversation about fresh produce shop signing, shifted from observing cheesy signs to introducing Georgie and Michael to one of Australia’s finest still life painters – Christopher Beaumont. A special arrangement was struck and this unassuming shop has a special painting commission underway, while the studio pulls together an elegant and robust brand and communication story.

Over twelve weeks, a brand mark, a simple printed retail kit and location sign came together. A winter launch party allowed these new retailers to introduce to a bustling crowd their vision of bringing quality Australian farmers and consumers wanting to taste and share the difference.

A big thanks to Georgie and Michael for their support and vision.

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