GASP! signing masterplan


In 2011 Work Art Life was selected to develop the signing masterplan and stage 01 signing roll out of the Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park, GASP!, Glenorchy, on the out skirts of Hobart in Tasmania. Glenorchy happens to be the location of the MONA, Museum of Old and New Art, developed by arts patron and world famous numbers man David Walsh. Like many precincts that are impacted by a significant arts and cultural gesture, GASP! is a community response to MONA developed by Glenorchy City Council and the Australian arts community.

From GASP!’s website, GASP! is a dynamic, inspirational and internationally resonant open space providing unique encounters with art and creating memorable experiences for all in the natural environment.

The site is undergoing significant change; habitat regeneration and environmental works, infrastructure and landscape design and upgrade resulting in sweeping board walks and pavilions that elegantly hug the Elwick Bay conceived by local award winning architects Room 11. The Tasmanian State Architect said “The new boardwalk recently installed at Elwick Bay is a strong and elegant gesture amplifying and accentuating the natural beauty of the place. …”

Like many community based arts projects, the design and production of the masterplan and signing required a probing and open minded design approach. The site is large, the requirements for public signing are complex, and the design and production budget is as much as some advertisers would spend on a single page broadsheet ad in paper from Sydney or Melbourne – $25k. We also had to consult, design and roll out the system in three months from initial brief.

Given our modest budget, tight deadline, and that signing is costly to produce and we decided to frame our solution around the systems readily used by local councils and government authorities to sign our streets and public lands. It’s a system where components can be ordered via a catalogue, and assembled quickly by tradespeople who are not specialised in signage design and rollout.

In close consultation with the manufacturer de-Neff, we developed a suite of signs and interpretative outcomes which used the customised system components – galvanised poles, fittings and panels. Rather the standard pole caps, we worked with a local engineer, and custom design and manufactured a spinning flag that protects the poles from water damage and reflects the wind and weather conditions. The information graphics, symbols, markers and icons are custom designed by the studio.

The system suite is designed to reflect the values of a cultural precinct, yet a highly cost effective to roll out.

The site is still undergoing works, stay tuned for site photography in the coming months

The site was officially opened by the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, 3 October 2011.

Signing a site is often the last consideration of a redevelopment project. The low cost nature of this sign system, allows the program to be rolled out, refined, maintained and up dated easily. As items can be designed, manufactured and installed without significant budget, or funding requirements.

Many thanks to Pippa, Greg, Tom at Room 11, Mark at MONA and the manufacturing crew, for the challenge, your efforts and rewarding project.

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