Fake French 30sec ads for Alliance Française

French fakes campaign -- Montage / Alliance Francaise de Australie
French fakes campaign -- Adam & James / Alliance Francaise de Australie

Fake French Campaign for Alliance Francaise

Launched at the 2014 Alliance Française French Film Festival, a Fake French series of 30 sec cinema and viral ads was developed for Alliance Française Australia by Andrew Ashton, Earl Carter and Alec McCloskey, with a cast of Aussies from the street – so to speak.

The idea

In day-to-day conversation everyone has an accent, or version of a new, or foreign, language they draw upon.

In the spirit of comic great Peter Sellers, creative director Andrew Ashton and photographer Earl Carter unearthed this conversation space via a series of 30 seconds ads inviting everyday Australians to share “their” version of French, to recruit new French students for the Alliance Française.

The process

On a modest budget two ads were made for launch. However, there are more ads in waiting for ideas in motion and also radio, if we can get some more budget.

Across the 2014 New Year period Earl, Alec and I pulled together a day of footage from a castor 15+ people to form a snap shot of Aussies of all ages doing their best to take the piss.

Merci to the Australian Directors of Alliance Française for seeing the funny side and owning the speaking fake French cliche. Cheers to cast for giving us your best, even if you didn’t make this cut.

The crew
Concept / direction / Writing :
Andrew Ashton, Work Art Life
Photography and direction :
Earl Carter Photographer
Editing and sound :
Alec McCloskey
Casting : Andrew and Earl

The back story

Founded in 1890, the Alliance Française (AFM) is an Australian not-for-profit association dedicated to the promotion of the French language and culture.

Visit Alliance Francaise de Australie for class details.