Desktop Magazine – 25 years


The Task

In 2011 the studio was invited by Desktop Magazine to celebrate 25 years of the publication. We wanted to explore the bigger stories of design practice, rather than showcase the latest hot looking job or designer.

What we discovered

We were convinced that this issue would be better served the reader by creating a snap shot of 2011 rather dipping into the past. This project was an opportunity to create a communication story that extended beyond making graphics.

Our approach

We developed an editorial theme of – Time Capsule. Around this theme we shaped the issue. The content plan we developed explored aspects of contemporary design and creativity today, illustrated through the stories and ideas of a range a designers in all stages, places and moments of the their careers – genders, ages, arty practices to commercial studios, educators to students.

The result

From: Paul Lidgerwood
Date: 24 August 2011 9:49:36 AM AEST
To: all niche
Subject: I finally get it!

One extraordinary issue, being the September Anniversary Issue, has finally got my incredibly slow mind around what Desktop is all about. I can now see how it inspires, how it teaches, how it improves and nourishes, how it flows and why if I was designer I would pour over it cover to cover. I can also finally see why if I was a business trying to connect with designers Desktop would be top of my schedule.

The epiphany was this issue and my hat is well and truly doffed to the collective brilliance of all involved-Brenden, Ali, Lou, Danielle and Studio Pip and Co. Well done guys you have made sense of the muddle – keep it up!

Paul Lidgerwood, Managing Director

Thanks to desktop and contributors for a tremendous opportunity.

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