Coffee Supreme – street & tea range


Coffee Supreme briefed the studio to develop a range of image based 1kg packaging for wholesale and retail buyer. Many cafes display their coffee bags to save space and store coffee.The range was rolled out 01 March 2009.

The studio is responsible for the entire production, image making to artwork, except with the Café Noir outcome where we collaborated with artist and designer Andy Sargent, residing at South South West studio. Andy was invited to respond to the Café Noir theme that we developed for the darker richer blends. Andy armed with his distinctive style put together a Café Noir scape, where maybe the guy or the girl gets dumped. Lurking in the background is our familiar bear bringing a little fairy tale / “Dark Sided” (look that one up on youtube) reality to the situation.

The tea range was applied across of twenty quality teas and herbal brews. Tea has a history of being an exotic product that comes across the sea. Neptune and the Cracken was conscripted to illustrate a type based label system.