Australian Designs – a film about excellence

AGDA Design Awards 2012 Jury Process

Australian Designs

A short film about designers and design communication by Earl Carter, Andrew Ashton, Scott Matthews

Judges and judging review of the 2012 Australian Design Biennale Awards by the Australian Graphic Design Association, AdelaideOver the last 18 months Andrew has been overseeing the Australian Design Biennale project launched in Melbourne, March 2012.

As a side project and follow up to his last film, Andrew wanted to tell the story of the judging process and the judging. He approach photographer Earl Carter and editor Scott Matthews and went down to Adelaide. Filmed August 2012 on location over a busy weekend in Adelaide. First screened on 24 November 2012, at the 2012 Australian Design Biennale Awards and Party, The Forum, Melbourne.

Photography and direction :
Earl Carter Photographer
Concept and direction :
Andrew Ashton, Work Art Life
Editing and sound direction :
Scott Matthews, EMIT Foundation
Sound mixing :
Alec McCloskey

Music :
Kind, Nils Frahm – go download, enjoy
Battles, Wall Street (Gui Borratto Remix) –
go download, enjoy

More to come, in the meantime visit
Australian Design Biennale and the Australian Graphic Design Association for details.

The back story

Since 1992 the Australian Graphic Design Association’s award programme has been Australia’s barometer for creative excellence. Andrew redreamed, purposed, named and conceived the Australian Design Biennale – a year long celebration of creative and communication design excellence, its practitioners, its clients, its suppliers, and the community it serves.