A café called West Juliett


A new brand in Marrickville made in Balaclava

In March 2013 the studio was given the opportunity to imagine a special café somewhere in Marrickville called Juliett.

Over a few weeks ago a story about Juliett came together with some image making, print, signing and digital collateral. The process is staggered, as bits and pieces are rolling out a few paces after John fired up the new coffee machine and turned on the fridges – at its core Juliett is all about the food and experience.

Juliett offers visitors a space where a fine tradition in hospitality continues; it was our task to tell the story where the food and service are the heros, and the tale of Juliett is carried by local chatter and the memory of sated appetites.

Sans the detail, the communications is a homage to Shakepeare’s great romantic tragedy, it’s about tradition, the suburbs, raw gestures and a new girl in the neighborhood.

Graphic customised black and white graphic marks – a formal brand, a crest, a carving, a tattoo; rich, nostalgia with flashes of colour twists the tradition romance. John and Kath dug through family photo albums and found our Julietts. Around the distinctive images, the studio developed the brand marks, graphic images, print, packaging, web site, signing and digital spaces.

The new look was rolled out over in early May 2013. As the building is finished and time permits, signing, apparel and digital work will come together. Come back for a comprehensive update later in 2013.

Thanks again to Kath and John, Sydney and Melbourne never seemed so close.

If you are in the Juliett’s neck of woods, go, and pack a healthy appetite.

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