A Baptism of Fire and wine of sorts


The Wine Baptism of Fire brief is one of those curious projects which brings together a reality entertainment concept, wine making by first time wine makers, time, and the idea of glory for one team at the end of it it all.

Along with mentoring in communication and graphics a competing team, we were invited to make a campaign image that speaks of and promotes the event. With single afternoon to make a work and e-mail out waiting. Given that the project is a competition, wine, fire, and blood came to mind, and I asked the client to bring a bottle of decent wine to the studio to live paint with.

Live painting with wine requires rapid marks; as soon as wine hits the air and paper it is dying. We did our best to paint the wine alive, get happy with the marks, photograph the marks, as the minutes passed, the wine turned browns and blacks. Images were manipulated, copy checked, look and feel, angular, edgey – the outcome was spontaneous, fun and nervous.

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