2012 Valentine’s Day action

Be my real Valentine

Valentine’s Day 2012 brings with it Work Art Life’s latest public inaugrural action. A provocation, a stream of creative thinking, a prompt by designers and creative people to bring to the street an alternative skew to the Valentine’s Day concept.

Melbourne CBD posters

Our posters where seen in the CBD of Melbourne over Valentine’s Day, cheers to Nathan at Plakkit for all your help.

Send us a note if you see a poster via Twitter or Face Book over Valentine’s Day week.

We made several low cost posters, which captured the lyrics, cliches, lovey dovey stuff, political ideals and strange cuteness.

Thank you to everyone who made our Valentine’s day thought part of their idea of romance, spread the love.

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Visit 2011′s posters here

Twitter tags – #bemyrealvalentine2012, #bmrv2012
Facebook event page http://www.facebook.com/events/282289891811693/

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