2012 Australian Design Biennale

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Andrew is the Chair for 2012 Australian Design Biennale.

Launched in Melbourne in 1992 the Biennal Australian Graphic Design Association Awards is Australia’s most prestigious excellence programme for visual communications, led by Andrew’s vision for the celebration and recognition for Australian creativity and communication design, a change in direction transforming an awards programme to biennale event that celebrates Australiasian visual communication practice has begun.

Andrew devised and made this video to promote and launch this event.

In 1988 a community-minded bunch of well known designers got together and formed the idea of the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA). It became a reality in 1990 and AGDA was founded in a world without mobile phones, computers, internet or climate change.

Twenty years on, everyday, every hour, seems like an awards day. As designers we are bombarded by tweets, and pokes and flashes of what’s new, what’s hot. The numerous examples of award winning work is everywhere and it washes over us from all corners of the world. Sophisticated design and creative education has overwhelmed us with an the abundance of design talent, which in turn has pushed us all to think, strive and be better at what we do. In one day, one tweet, one internet post, a studio can achieve an extraordinary amount of recognition, feedback and publicity. It is in this space that the Australian Design Biennale was born.

With a new name and manifesto in hand Andrew is working with a crew of designers around Australia to kick off the first Design Biennale year.

Early milestones :

Rita Siow, AGDA’s General Manager, with the support of the AGDA national council has worked closely with Andrew to evaluate all of the aspects of the awards programme to put in place, a programme that reviews, assesses, considers and applies new processes.

Ryan Guppy at 21-19, has wonderfully made sense of Andrew’s – getting back to basics – manifesto. Ryan heads Biennale’s creative crew, and has put together the brand and communication story for this year’s Biennale – centred around his idea to – Start Again. The vision is put in place a communications programme where everyone has an opportunity to contribute in telling this story.

Dom Hofstede, of Hofstede Design is leading the charge to evaluate the printed publications, content and publishing opportunities.

Che Douglas from Beyond the Pixels is putting in place a digital publishing, cataloguing and awareness programme.

Dom Forde from Famous has developed a public exhibition programme.

There is a lot more to come watch this space.

Cheers to the Biennale committee and AGDA for their support and vision for this initiative.

Cheers to Scott Matthews for the EMIT foundation for your editing genius

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